Acupuncture utilizes hair-thin needles to stimulate points all over the body.
For thousands of years, the Chinese have meticulously mapped and studied these points, and the health benefits of acupuncture therapy. Stimulating acupuncture points offers a wide variety of benefits, such as increased
blood circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, reducing pain, and stimulating
nerve activity. It also causes the release of endorphins, your body's
natural pain-relieving hormones.

Our staff is ready to guide you to optimum health and well being.
We work together with you as a partner to determine the best care
for your needs and wellness goals. By listening to your needs and
answering any questions you may have about your body, we can
better support your quest to a better mind, body, and spirit.

Bodylogic ensures a safe, private environment for
clients to relax and focus on their treatments.

Scroll down to learn about our available acupuncture services.


Dr. Song-Hwi Chi, L. Ac., OMD

Song Chi at desk.jpg

Here at Bodylogic, we're happy to offer acupuncture sessions for
our clients. Our expert acupuncturist is Mr. Song Chi, MS, NCCAOM
(National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental
Medicine). Born and family trained in South Korea, Mr. Chi carries
U.S. Licensure from Baylor University in California and over twenty
years of practice. He is the most highly trained and experienced
acupuncturist in our area, and we feel fortunate to work with him.

Mr. Chi offers a full range of traditional Chinese medicine, and we are
very pleased to be able to offer this treatment option to our community.
Mr. Chi can treat a wide range of ailments, including sinus complaints,
digestive problems, incontinence, back pain, migraine and headaches,
difficulty with sleep, knee, ankle, and foot pain, asthma,
and circulatory issues.

Whatever your concerns, Mr. Chi will discuss them with you and
offer approaches to help treat the causes of your symptoms.


Our Acupuncture Services

The services below are offered in our office each Tuesday.


Initial visit  –  $132
Approximately 1 hour. Includes an Eastern Traditional Evaluation,
in which we'll ask about your major complaints/issues as well as all secondary concerns. We'll discuss how certain concerns may be related to one another, although you may not realize the connection. For instance, ear pain or TMJ pain in the jaw can be related to
lumbar or sacral issues, and digestive disorders are often
related to headaches.

Follow-up visits  –  $84
We may recommend one or more shorter follow-up visits to continue working on particular issues. Acupuncture is a very customized therapy, so the length and frequency of follow-up
visits varies depending on the client's specific needs.