Massage is not just about relaxation. Although massage therapy can be a great way to unwind from our stressful, fast-paced lives, there is a lot more to it. It is actually a therapeutic treatment, performed by qualified professionals who have your best interests at heart—and in hand.

Our staff is ready to guide you to optimum health and well being. We work together with you as a partner to determine the best care for your needs and wellness goals. By listening to your needs and answering any questions you may have about your body, we can better support your quest to a better mind, body, and spirit.

Bodylogic ensures a safe, private environment for clients to relax and focus on their treatments. We offer a variety of massage therapy services, including Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and CranioSacral therapy.

Scroll down to learn about our available massage services. We're happy to discuss your needs when you call for an appointment and help you decide which services are right for your body.



Myofascial Release and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles thereby "tricking" the tissues into realignment and resetting the muscle to a fully rested state.

Osteopathic theory proposes that fascia, muscle and other soft tissue can become restricted due to overuse, trauma or inactivity.  This can result in pain, tension, decreased blood flow and nerve compression.

Therapists may use knuckles, elbows or other tools to slowly stretch the fascia and mobilize adhered tissues. The practitioner moves slowly through the layers of the fascia until the deep tissues are reached. As Ida Rolf, biochemist known for structural integration, says: "Put the tissue where it should be and then ask for movement."

Sessions are usually very relaxing, although specific areas may be quite intense. Communicate with your therapist. More pressure is not always better.